Spreading love, glitter and unholy matrimony across Europe's festival scene...

Since 2004, we've been helping festival goers into their Sunday best and sprinkling them in glitter before getting them hitched (not legally, don't panic!). 

Everyone is welcome in our church; regardless of gender, age or religion!
From starry-eyed lovers, to frilly fancy-dress friends - we offer weddings to anyone!

The Inflatable Church's very own brand of 'Vicar' leads each ceremony, with vows, speeches, kissing, tears, certificate, dance off's - and whatever else they can convince the congregation to do!

On top of all that, we are much more than just weddings! We come with a tent-size dressing up box, professional make-up artists, DJ'ing vicars, and teams of dancing bridesmaids.

We can perform 18 ceremonies a day with all the frills on the side; wedding disc's, face decor, and provide a truck-load of outrageous wedding outfits.

If you're interested in booking us for your festival or you'd like to have a chat and find out more details, we'd love to hear from you.